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The first hour of the morning is crucial in determining the outcome of your day. So, to keep you healthy, energized, and productive all day, I'd like to share with you in this post 5 easy morning routines. 5 simple habits in morning will revive your health. Keep scrolling to know in details.

healthy, energized, and productive. A women energized is standing in sunflower field.

1. Natural stretch Practice in Morning:

the initial natural stretch Have you noticed that you want to stretch yourself as soon as you get up in the morning? This is the angdaayi, or the body's natural signal. Science has now demonstrated the many advantages of this modest deed. This kind of natural stretch lubricates the joints right away. Their adaptability is heightened by this. We spend a lot of time in one position when we sleep. This decreases cardiac output and blocks blood flow to specific areas. Taking angdaayi is a fantastic method for raising blood circulation. Increased blood circulation results in increased nutrition delivery to all body areas. Your body exudes vitality. Your mind is stimulated. Recall how you feel instantly rejuvenated after stretching yourself after spending a long time sitting still at work. It is identical. Heart attacks are becoming more frequent. According to scientific research, a morning walk reduces the chance of a heart attack. After getting out of bed, fully extend your body. Your body will experience the benefits of a short workout in less than a minute.
natural morning stretching. A women doing natural morning stretching on her bed

2. Drink Water in Morning:

Next, drink some water. The advantages of maintaining proper hydration for the body are undeniable. Our body is dehydrated when we wake up after six to eight hours of sleep. The fact that the first pee produced after waking up is more acidic and yellow indicates this. Our brain needs water right now. Water is necessary for our skin. Our bodies are begging for water. However, the majority of individuals use tea or coffee to feed. These are dehydrating drinks that dull the skin's luster. It produces an acidic atmosphere, which leads to digestive issues. You see, we are not against coffee or tea, but at least stay away from it in the morning. Water, on the other hand, will speed up your metabolism. A high metabolism indicates that your body will start breaking down the internal fat reserves on its own. Research has demonstrated that consuming water first thing in the morning facilitates more frequent bowel movements. Improved bowel movements indicate that the body's stored waste is being expelled. Skin glows naturally as a result of this. improved hair. decrease of visceral fat. The brain becomes at ease. You are now able to consume warm, hot, or room-temperature water. Simply drink some water. Add nothing in the water here, please. Pour as much liquid as you can, 1-2-3-4 glasses of water as you'd like. If you adopt these habits now, you will avoid numerous diseases in the future.

3. Wash your Eyes in Morning:

One bodily part that needs more care in the modern world is the eyes. It makes sense why redness, itching, dry eyes, eye strain, and blurry vision are so prevalent. Avoid skipping the water splash on your eyes after cleansing. However, the method you use will determine the outcome. Put a gulp of water in it. Your eyes will naturally swell as you do this, increasing the amount of water that comes into contact with them. improving their cleaning abilities. Now, spritz water 15–20 times in your eyes. This is a big aid in bettering vision. Cooling the eyes reduces redness from prolonged screen time. lowers the possibility of infection. Water splashes will provide much-needed relief for the eyes. Include it in your daily regimen.

4. Oil Pulling in Morning:

A recent scientific study is now demonstrating the benefits of this ancient Ayurvedic therapy. You see, oil and water do not combine; they remain apart. However, they blend easily when combined. This is the underlying idea of oil pulling. The bad bacteria in our mouths are coated with lipids, which are fats. These microbes attach themselves to our mouths when we swirl oil around in it, and they are expelled when we spit the oil out. Bad breath is less likely when there are fewer bacteria in the mouth. This keeps mouth ulcers at bay. Plaque is eliminated. Gum issues lessen. Whiter teeth result. Lips flush pink. This mouthwash is authentic. Our facial muscles are adequately stretched while we oil pull. It resembles a face massage. This keeps wrinkles at bay. improves your jawline. Any cold-pressed oil will work. Mustard oil, coconut oil, or sesame seed oil. For ten to twenty minutes, keep swishing it with one spoonful. You have additional options when you're oil-pulling. Next, spit out. Normally, you can then wipe your tongue and brush your teeth.

oil pulling, A women doing oil pulling

5. The first meal In the Morning:

the first meal you consume has a significant effect on your body. As of right now, your body is fasting. It's prepared for eating. Everything you feed it will be thoroughly assimilated by the system. Ayurveda places great emphasis on the idea of the first meal. Thus, take advantage of it and pick your first meal wisely. You can eat a piece of fresh, in-season fruit for overall health. However,
  • if you have a liver condition, having a glass of sugarcane juice with your first meal will assist your liver recovery.
  • Ashwagandha leaf juice is a good option if you wish to lose body fat.
  • If your thyroid is the issue, start with a supper of soaked coriander seeds.
  • You can have curd with a pinch of choona mixed in if your bones are weak.
  • You can chew on a few curry leaves to treat hair loss. You might start practicing brahma rasayana to sharpen your mind while exams are coming up.
And if you are dealing with two or three issues at once. Sort the ones you wish to tap into first by priority. Start eating following that and keep doing so for 2 months. After that, you can use another. In a year, you can solve six distinct problems in this way. Allow it to operate for around half an hour after your first meal, and then you can have your usual breakfast. You can significantly improve your general health by using this easy item in your normal diet.


Stretch your body when lying down in bed, sitting, or standing as soon as you wake up in the morning. This resembles a quick workout. Next, sip some water before brushing your teeth. You can choose between warm, hot, or room-temperature water. Sip two to four glasses of water. Next, cleanse your eyes once you've relieved your bowels. Pour water into your mouth and splatter at least 15 to 20 times. It will be helpful for any eye-related issues. Next, put one tablespoon of coconut, sesame, mustard, or cold-pressed oil in your mouth and swish it around for 10-20 minutes. Oil pulling is a treatment that can brighten your face and lessen dental issues. Typically, you can scrape your tongue and rinse your teeth after oil extraction. Next, utilize the first meal. You can eat your first meal based on the health issue you want to address. You can then have breakfast 30 minutes or so after the dinner.

Thank you for your patience, and see you around.

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