5 best foods that stop hair fall ayurvedically(100%)

If you are experiencing issues with hair fall and thinning, incorporating five specific foods into your diet can make a significant difference. These foods that stop hair fall, supported by both Ayurveda and modern science, are not only readily available but also offer substantial benefits. Let's explore how and when to consume them for maximum effectiveness without further delay.

It's well-known that the body tends to prioritize organs over hair when it lacks sufficient nutrition. Despite this, healthy hair not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also boosts confidence. In today's high-stress environment, coupled with poor dietary choices and cosmetic practices, hair fall has become prevalent, even among teenagers. Recognizing hair's value to our lives, let's delve into five remarkable foods that can help prevent hair fall.

5 Foods That Stop Hair Fall and Thinning:

5. Carrots:

At number 5 on our list, carrots play a crucial role in preventing hair breakage. Rich in vitamin A (beta-carotene), with 16000 International units per 100 grams—exceeding daily requirements—carrots also contain significant amounts of Biotin, known for accelerating keratin production. Moreover, carrots act as a natural DHT blocker, a key contributor to hair fall, especially in men. Including carrots in your diet, whether in sabzi, soups, or vegetable pulao, is beneficial. Optimal consumption involves a daily plate of raw carrots seasoned with black salt, black pepper, and lemon before lunch or dinner.
5 best foods that stop hair fall ayurvedically(100%)
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4. Curry Leaves:

Ranked as the fourth food to prevent hair fall, curry leaves, abundant in B vitamins and antioxidants, contribute to cellular regeneration and healthy blood circulation in the scalp. The amino acids present strengthen hair fibers. Regions in Southern India, where curry leaves are a common culinary addition, exhibit fewer hair problems. Incorporate curry leaves into your daily diet through dishes like curd rice, Poha, curry leaf pulao, Dalia, or curry leaf raita. Chewing 4-5 raw curry leaves daily or using curry leaf powder in curries enhances hair health.
5 best foods that stop hair fall ayurvedically(100%)

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3. Buttermilk:

5 best foods that stop hair fall ayurvedically(100%)
Securing the third spot, buttermilk, when mixed with double the amount of water and appropriately spiced, becomes a potent hair elixir. Ayurveda links hair fall to digestive issues, and buttermilk, rich in probiotics and lactic acid, strengthens the digestive system. Consuming buttermilk post-lunch aids in absorbing vital hair nutrients, and reducing body heat—an additional contributor to hair fall. Buttermilk doubles as an excellent hair shampoo and conditioner, simplifying your hair care routine.

2. Amla:

Claiming the second spot, Amla, a traditional and time-tested remedy, is celebrated globally for promoting hair and scalp health. Amla's richness in antioxidants stimulates hair follicles and acts as a powerful DHT-blocking food. Despite its sour taste, there are various palatable ways to consume Amla, such as diluted Amla juice, Amla candy with honey, Amla murabba with honey, Amalaki Rasayana, boiled Amla in rice or curry, or Amla tablets.
5 best foods that stop hair fall ayurvedically(100%)

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1. Almonds:

At the top of the list, almonds offer a wealth of benefits for hair health. As an excellent natural source of Biotin, they surpass artificial supplements. Almond oil application to the scalp has been shown to increase hair growth. Almonds contain fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acids, known as DHT blockers, and are rich in Vitamin E, a proven anti-hair fall nutrient. Practical ways to include almonds in your diet include soaking and chewing them, having unsweetened almond butter, or consuming sweet almond oil in a glass of milk before bedtime.
5 best foods that stop hair fall ayurvedically(100%)

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In summary, incorporating curry leaves, carrots, buttermilk, Amla, and almonds into your diet can effectively combat hair fall. A suggested daily routine involves Amla juice in the morning, incorporating curry leaves in meals, ending lunch with spiced buttermilk, consuming almonds as an evening snack, or adding sweet almond oil to milk at night. Adjust this blueprint to your convenience, and by consistently including these five foods in your diet, you pave the way to revive your hair health.

Thank you for your patience, and see you around.

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